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Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Maybe I'm just like my Mother..."

Day three of Chia seeds and do I dare say that I can feel a difference? I  have cut my calorie intake by half. I have not had any hunger pangs and I have the feeling of fullness like I did when my Lap-band was functional. Why am I just NOW hearing about Chia seeds? As for the energy aspect of the seeds, I must add something is afoot. On my way to work this morning, in my normal "Jesus Lord, please let me make it through another day" stupor, from radio land came the sounds of the little man in Purple - Prince. Shocking my entire body, my arm reached and cranked up the volume to "When Doves Cry", as I sang along. I then noticed my body was kind of bobbing and weaving and talkin' trash.. I also became aware of the other drivers looking at me in horror at the stop light. I'm sure I saw one mouth" Oh Lord, that old woman's having a seizure"..but I didn't care. All I can say is that they should have been around for the next song : Gotye's "Somebody that I used to know"..they would have really been impressed or dialed 911.