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Wednesday, February 13, 2013 it spring yet?

What a week so far... Lots of stressful work deadlines on top of personal stress all piled on top of a big swirling episode of vertigo. If you suffer from vertigo on a regular basis, God bless you. I have a couple bouts a year and its terrible. This is day two of praying to get home, feed poopers (aka Merry and Pippen, Toy Fox Terriers)and crash, literally, into my bed before 6pm. The weather in the Smokies today is cold and rainy. I'm sure all my fellow fibro friends are feeling this in their bones/muscles as well. Snow showers tonight in the higher elevations. As usual, hump day has me beginning the countdown to the weekend. Oh lets not forget that most dreaded of  holidays is tomorrow... I had to stop at Walgreens on the way home and the card isle was jam packed with clueless males  picking the steely bones of the almost empty Hallmark  stand like vultures. This reminds me of a funny story-one mother's day many moons ago, my daughter handed me my card in a less than enthusiastic manner and went about her business. She was in high school and was at that age of total self absorption. The card was very sentimental and touching... a Hallmark classic. The ending couple of sentences said " Now that I'm a Mother too I  can appreciate even more the love and sacrifice..yada yada yada"...needless to say she had obviously swooped into a store and grabbed the first card she spotted without reading it. I ask her if she had anything she needed to share with me and handed her the card to read. We both had a great laugh This is one of my favorite cards ever.