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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is This a Hot Flash or Global Warming?

And so it begins... that dreaded "M" word -menopause. I really can't believe at 54, soon to be 55  I'm still buying items from the feminine hygiene isle.Every 28 days like clock work. My poor eggs surely must be deviled by now! Two years ago I had a procedure that should have stopped the flow forever due to Anemia. Didn't work..I imagine my ovaries holding tiny signs that say "hell no,we wont go!" For the past year or so I have been having some occasional wicked hot flashes at night. At least I'm assuming its a hot flash. But it is crazy warm in my Tennessee mountain home. Today was around 60 and I noticed the daffodils are budding . I really can't imagine being anymore off center than I already am with Menopause symptoms. My doctor keeps telling me to be thankful my body is still producing my own hormones but honestly, I'm ready for some synthetic or bio-identical. I am ready to enter my old crone stage. There are some who would argue I  achieved that goal years ago...cackle cackle (visual aid: Witch Hazel with hair pins flying on Bugs Bunny). Today was one of those surprising days of steady low energy for a few hours. I got quite a bit of minor house chores done and of course watched the Walking Dead season two Marathon on AMC all day. So now I have insomnia and my mind is racing. But I hold on to the fact that tomorrow night is a new episode of the Walking Dead. I never in my wildest imagination thought I would be a zombie fan. On the other hand I suppose we Fibro sufferers can relate to their condition- slow,dull reflexes, poor motor skills and yes there are days I would like to bite someones head off.