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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Purple Haze Tuesday

I suppose all things considered I am doing very well. Almost four years ago I pleaded and begged God for more time with Sheila when she got her dire Cancer prognosis. The deal was if I could have her a little longer I would be gracious and accepting when the time came later. I had lost so much at that time I didnt think I would survive it.  He agreed. I am struggling to keep my end of the bargain, as we humans have a tendency to do. But I have been dry eyed all day, putting away her bed, bowls and toys. I have ordered her a beautiful wooden urn with the Rainbow Bridge poem engraved on the front.  I try not to look at her chair (she had her own recliner). She claimed the ex -spouse's chair when he ran off with our neighbor and his fellow employee firefighter after 25 years of marriage. Ain't love grand?  More on that later, another casualty of a relationship when suffering from Fibro and Chronic Fatigue and a dose of fireman hose syndrome-it's hell on marriage stats. I'm so tired..I am fortunate to occasionally work from home. Today was one of those days. My eyes were so swollen I looked like I was having an allergic reaction. Tomorrow, God willing, I will return to work . A stressful event like this knocks us "F word" people on our tails for a few days. My bed is calling..and I shall answer.