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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl, Oh I dont think so..Walking Dead Marathon

It is days such as these that being single and a social cripple aren't so bad... No offense to football enthusiasts but thank you, no.  I am however a complete Walking Dead Head. Currently, the full season one is showing on AMC. Couldn't sleep last night (imagine that with the F word) and worked a little on my blog page. Total newbie and hope to fine tune the look and templates when I feel like it. Today is a sad day for me as I watch my faithful canine child of 13 years suffer her second seizure in 4 days. No history , but a history of cancer diagnosis in 2009. They told me then she would be dead within months without chemo, which i refused. I put her on two cups of decaf green tea and high levels of fish oil every day of her life. We will go to the vet this week because we had a little incident with carbon monoxide two weeks ago and I have a feeling this might be related. Being a 911 worker, I recognized the symptoms in myself when I turned on gas logs that had not been used in two years in a power outage. Sheila, my sweetie started panting and circling and went to the door scratching to get out. She never has done that in 13 years. Suddenly, I felt weird and sudden onset headache...OMG CARBON MONOXIDE.. I rushed and turned off the gas, gathered my clan of dogs (3) and we sat outside in the falling snows of the Smokies deep breathing. Yes, I probably should have called and got some O2, but I caught it within minutes and opened all my doors to ventilate. Now my next deadly sin...since I had not used the logs in years, the battery in my carbon monoxide detector was dead. Yes, I know. I of all people should have known better...but I'm worried she may have residual damage. I feel so bad all the time I wouldn't know if I felt worse in tired today and dreading the grind of my high stress job. I def got the Sunday evening back to work tomorrow blues.