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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ghosts, Orbs and Farewell to Possum

RIP George Jones
I am sick of myself. I need to talk about something except all my medical can only read and worry so much about what ails you till you lose it and have the big meltdown. Frankly, I'm just too tired for that. So, that being said I think I will spin the wheel of randomness and just let my fingers do the typing. First of all , I am sad at the news of George Jones passing. Being a born and bred seventh generation Tennessee Hillbilly ( I can call myself that , but you call me that I will crack your lip) gal, I grew up with what I consider real country music.The artists of the 50's, 60's, 70's and early 80's to me are the essence of true country. It started to change with the crossover pop sound in the mid 80's...down hill like a snow ball to hell from that day on as far as I'm concerned. I haven't listened to a country station or watched a video since then. I catch a glimpse of the new country artists on TV occasionally.  I just can't get into it.... sign of old age I suppose.
I mentioned in an earlier post that my house has quite a bit of activity, if you will.  We bought the house in 1992 and it was abandoned and had been for a while. It was originally two houses that were in the area where the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was created. Hundreds of people, many my ancestors, were forcibly removed from their beloved homesteads by the Government. The Smokies is the the only park in America where residents were moved forcibly and their property basically stolen for a pittance. The two houses were then put together to make one residence in the 1940's just outside the park boundary, where I live now.  I think a lot more than wood and nails came on the journey from the park. Since day one, we have had unexplained phenomena, smells, sounds, etc... I actually have some photos from the first day we looked at the property and about 10 years ago I pulled them out of a drawer and was just looking at how much work we had done to get it livable when i first noticed the images. Faces in windows, one image of a woman hovering near the ceiling in the now living room that was a bedroom at that time. On the back porch is an old woman and there are two shots and she is in two different location on the porch.  One consistent theme is the prankster or "hide and seek" ghost... this is still happening. Usually once or twice a year. You will know you left an item a certain place, you turn the place upside down and it is absolutely not there. Now i know you are thinking, OMG she is senile... but it is not just me. My daughter has experienced this specific phenom on multiple occasions. But anyway, you will look and look to no avail.  Normally, I say "OK very funny, i need my____" and the next time I look there it is. Another is the smoking ghost. No one in my household smokes and every now and then, the odor of cigarette smoke is so strong it is unreal. My mother lived behind me in another residence on our property in the mid 90's and one day I mentioned the smoking ghost. She had this look of  amazement and relief on her face and said "oh my, I have been worried to death that I was crazy, I keep smelling cigarettes in the house, but I was afraid to mention it." So he or she apparently moves around on the property.  Once in the early 90's when we first moved here, my daughter was in high school and her boyfriend was over and they were in her bedroom. She went to the bathroom and while she was out of the room, he saw a little girl standing at the foot of the bed. She is in one of the pictures with her image in the window of  the same bedroom.  It scared him terribly. I have seen her one other time upstairs. I woke one night and she was standing by the bed looking out the window toward the field and woods. It didn't scare me. I just watched and the image faded. My animals have reacted in different ways. I had a Boston Terrier that would sit with her face about an inch from the wall behind the recliner. She would stare intently straight ahead into the wall and then slowly raise her head until she was looking straight up at the ceiling. She would sit there for about 5-10 minutes, then just come and get in my lap. I also had a Pomeranian that was very bothered by the original tenants. He was upstairs one day when I heard him yelp in a painful way and heard him heading for the stairs. He was running so fast he basically fell to the bottom landing and never to the end of his 12 years went upstairs again. All encounters have not been pleasant or benign. My sister had a dream about the house before we bought it and she warned me not to make the purchase but we did... she won't spend the night in the house. The first time she was visiting when we moved in, something unseen flew by her ear. She screamed and swatted at her ear. She said it sounded and felt like a bird swooped by her head. I was sitting there but didn't see or hear anything... too many occurrences to count.   Behind my house is a very special hollow with its own secrets and personalities.... everyone who visits that is sensitive to such things has some type of emotion or encounter. My Friend Lisa and I set her wildlife cameras usually ever summer and fall to capture photographs of the animals that come down to the pond to drink at night. I'm still hoping for the ever elusive panther photograph. One thing we do capture on occasion is Orbs.. now bear in mind that the camera is set up to take one  picture and then within a minute automatically takes a second shot. So it is interesting that usually in the second photo, the orbs are no longer there. Some folks have said "oh those are rain drops" Well, first of all it wasn't raining and secondly if it were rain drops or dew drops, wouldn't they be there 30 seconds later...just saying.    I'm going to try to attach a few pictures from the hollow below.  I know this is pure hogwash to many people , but I find the whole supernatural field intriguing and  I truly believe unseen spirits are amongst us. I now live alone with the previous home owners( that is another post all on its own ) and don't mind it at all.  Actually , I think they are as relieved as me to be free of the negative energy that prevailed until the big D.
An interesting spiral pattern of Orbs
photo one : streaking light above corner and above log
photo two : 30 seconds later  light splits into three orbs at top and one at bottom