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Friday, April 26, 2013

I had to laugh when I read Maxine today. I can so relate. The last couple days have found me out of work on sick leave as I try to acclimate myself to the med change for my newly diagnosed Hyperadrenergic POTS.  I have stopped the Toprol and have started a combo of Aldomet (methyldopal) and Inderal (propranolol) very low doses. If you are Hyperadrenergic, you cannot tolerate normal doses of medicines (usually).  This was the recommended meds from the doctor at Vanderbilt Autonomic Dysfunction Center for me to start the treatment protocol. As Floyd, the cartoon dog says " we are exchanging hand gestures".  I feel like my butt has been kicked to the curb. The doctor told me that rarely do you find the right drugs for this problem on the first try. Everyone in a hyperadrengeric state reacts differently and it is very hard to find what will help you to manage this monster.  No standard of care has been discovered at this point. Hopefully in the future someone will have an Eureka moment and future patients will be healed or at least have a clear treatment protocol.  
For fourteen years I have tracked this faceless beast. It kept me going to know it was out there and if I could identify and name it, I just maybe could tame it. For over a week now I have done exhaustive research on the subject and the reality of the diagnosis is not promising, especially in my age group (54 years and 343 days) and i am in a "de-conditoned" state. I just love (not) that term.   I'm more than just a little disillusioned and depressed from the past few days. Anytime you have a change in meds that affect your BP and brain hormones you get a little crazy. But didn't my old friend Norman say " We all get a little crazy sometime". On that note, anyone else loving the Bates Motel as much as I am? Wow, what a show last Friday...anxious to see this week. A little trivia on the cast:  The woman who plays Norma, Vera Farmga, has a little sister, Taissa, who played Violet on the first season of American Horror Story - Murder House. I live in my own special house with quite a history of activity since I bought it 22 years ago . Sometime in the future I will tell some ghost stories.  I'm a big American Horror Story fan. Can't wait until this new season, it suppose to be about witches and Kathy Bates is joining the cast. It is set in New Orleans.