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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Are We There Yet?

Yesterday was a long and winding road... it started with my sister forgetting her purse at home and we had to go back , fortunately we weren't too far. Then we had to stop at Kroger for emergency low blood sugar road snacks...then we realized our blood sugar was already low so we stopped for lunch - so basically it took almost two hours to  get out of the county. We ate at Wendy's and I got a kids meal for the chicken nuggets.  I had a container that I thought was sliced apples but it was the toy , a part of the cranium.  Really, what kind of toy is that ? It made me mad and I'm in my second childhood.  I started to toss it when my sister said" don't throw that out I forgot the container for my partial". We had to have a good laugh on that one.  Anything to keep from going back to her house yet again. And so began our long day. I usually know exactly where I'm going before I get there due to my pro-planning personality. Yesterday I put all my paperwork and directions in my suitcase and didn't bother to have them up front with me. We managed to take the wrong exit, my bad on that one, and headed toward Memphis. I cant drive on busy interstates due to my vertigo and the fact I go about 50 ( that's still faster than you Lisa) so my sis drove the whole way.  Of course we didn't have a GPS so we were just all over the place..finally we spotted a sign for the Vanderbilt  Hospital area and got in our general vicinity. Still driving in circles and the stress of a road trip on two fibro/cfs sufferers is not a good combo. My sis suggested in a somewhat loud and high pitched voice that  I ( aka you damn idiot) check for the address on my phone. I do not have a smart phone, but I am a smart it began. But to our wonder it worked out great for us. I had just made some catty remark when she rolled her eyes heavenward looking out her window and there was our hotel beside of us, we flew into the parking lot through the exit lane, much to the dismay of several guests. I'm sure the valet was horrified, but I suppose he has seen worse. It is just terrible that a trip in a car for just a few hours can kick your butt so bad... we were both so exhausted that we couldn't go back out for dinner. Fortunately the hotel has a little Bistro and we ate in last night and this morning. We are getting ready to head to my initial appointment at 3p. The hotel has a shuttle to the physicians complex so that is helpful. I hope we have the energy to go somewhere for dinner, but I'm not counting on it. When this doctor sees us, he may give us a two for one deal.