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Friday, March 22, 2013

Missing: SPRING!

Merry and Pippen meeting their new foster bro' Happy Yappy Pappy(sorry about time date and stamp)
Oh what a miserable few days in the hills of east Tennessee. The wind is brutal and there is an overcast gray sky bringing us into the weekend. The past two weeks have been interesting for me. My rheumatologist  give me some samples of Savella for the fibro. I was hesitant to try anything after Lyrica and all the side effects years ago.  I started on a 12.5 twice a day and I must say that within 24 hours I felt a great difference in my pain level. I have slept like a log and I am waking up naturally around 6a.m. I have noticed it almost makes me a little jittery, especially the first few initial days. He told me to work up to 100 mg twice daily... I don't see that happening. What is wrong with doctors? That is a huge dose from what I can read about it. I don't tolerate medicines well and I usually get the full impact from sometimes only taking 1/4-1/2 maximum of the intended dose. It has been ten days and I must say i feel a little more energetic and I have had numerous people tell me I "don't look as tired." I have read some peoples nightmare reports of the side effects but so far, the only thing I can say for sure is that it has done something to my taste buds. Hallelujah! I have lost a couple pounds due to my lack of appetite. I am only taking around 3/4 of a 25mg a day and I am not taking one in the evening. The evening dose made me a little jittery and it was hard to go to sleep and  "ain't nobody got time for that"! must have my sleep... I have a new little buddy from our local no kill shelter.  I am fostering a whippet that was found laying by the road in the snow and covered with ice. He is deaf and probably around 10, definitely a senior. He had to have some tumors removed from his mouth and belly. Bless him, I am calling him Happy Yappy Pappy, due to his vocal delight of all things comfortable. As I type from The Granny Bed, he is  sporting his bright red sweater and snoozing beside me, much to the chagrin of my two little toy fox terriers who are pouting and are as far away from him as possible. I wasn't planning to get another dog after Sheila but plans are made to be broken.  I read a little poem that is called " A Dogs Last Will and Testament" and it just said it all, look it up on Google. I think with this relentless fatigue, fostering old dogs may be my life's calling. I understand their limitations and that they just need to rest in a  warm bed, feel a comforting touch and eat decent food. Don't we all? I sure could use a foot rub!!